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The most successful people in the world all have coaches.....I think there is a clue there.

Coaching is the best way to develop individuals and teams .....without exception !

Einstein once said " We are boxed in by the boundaries of our own thinking." Coaching provides the strategies and the support to not only look outside these 'boundaries', but also in how to continually grow in the way people approach day to day work or living.

The changes Candor has seen in individuals, teams and organisations, have simply been amazing. We feel honored to be able to support and assist people and teams.

Candor Training and Consultancy offers a number of varieties of coaching:

Business Coaching - let us assist you to develop your business to increase profit and build teams. The return on investment of this process is MASSIVE. We guarantee what have you got to lose?

Leadership Coaching - dynamic, focused and efficient leadership is essential, although rarely seen in this day and age.

Assistance in developing clear vision and skills to develop motivated organizations is not just a luxury, it is an essential. Furthermore, being in a leadership position can be a lonely situation, with limited opportunities to fully discuss all issues and ideas in a secure environment. Coaching with Candor provides this opportunity.

Management Coaching - new or experienced supervisors can always be supported in exploring new ways to more efficiently run their teams.

Providing support through coaching can allow managers and supervisors to work through challenges in a supportive environment. Coaching could focus on  'development' or 'performance management' , or assistance through a change process. What ever the reason, Candor can provide the support required.

Performance Coaching - there is times in our lives that we feel that we are not achieving everything we could, feel there is something holding us back or, simply need some one to explore new ideas with.

Coaching can assist you.

Candor has worked with the pinnacle of CEO's, elite athletes, business owners to parents and teenagers.

If you truly want the very best from life, work or play, then let us help you. 

Unsure if coaching is for you? Then contact us and we can discuss options and ideas for no obligation.