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Public Speaking Skills

Whether it is delivering an annual report to a board of directors, giving a presentation to 2000 people at a conference, or simply talking to family and friends, there is no single more important skill than the ability to present.

People are not just born with powerful presenting skills, it is something that has to be acquired.

The ability to communicate a message in a positive and persuasive way is essential to a successful business and personal life.

Candor Training and Consultancy uses the latest technologies for getting a message across with unbelievable power and precision.

Would it be of use for staff members to instantly know the learning style of a person and then have the skills to deliver a message that uses that style?

Impact presenting skills can be delivered anywhere and over anytime that is suitable for you,from one day to one week. If staff already have some presenting skills, then the advance course is the answer.

Introduction level presenting skills

Delivered in a fun, comfortable setting, participants will move through the powerful basics of putting together and delivering a presentation to any audience.

Advanced level presenting skills

Learn the most powerful presenting skills on the planet. Your colleagues will envy your ability to control the room.